PCDS stays in touch with hundreds of its alumni families. Many attend various events at the school long after their children have graduated from PCDS and attend other schools and colleges. Younger ‘alums’ eagerly attend the annual Ice Cream Social in the gym and reunite with their teachers and old friends. A strong sense of community has persisted over several decades, surviving the move to the west side. Deep and lifelong friendships are made between parents during the nursery years. We receive photographs of lunches, dinners, annual holiday parties, and vacation trips years after the children have graduated from PCDS.

Our halls and stairways are decorated with ‘First Day of School’ photos of our alumni. Every December we receive dozens of holiday cards which we display throughout the school. We love seeing the faces of the children we knew so well in the past, and we can’t bear to take the cards down until after spring break. Although our oldest child at PCDS is barely five, every spring we wait with baited breath for news on where our alumni are going to college. We are so proud of our graduates. Often when they get to college they meet up with preschool friends whom they have not seen in 13 years.

We are honored that so many of our graduates elect to send their own children to PCDS, and are deeply appreciative of the trust that all our parents have placed in the school since its founding. We celebrate the continued interest and support of our alumni families.